Top 10 Unsolved and Highly Shocking Crime Stories

According to a survey every second a crime occurs somewhere in the world. Judiciary tries its level best to punish the wrongdoers but sometimes some crime stories remain unsolved. It is sad because the victims fail to receive justice and criminals roam the streets freely even after doing those deadly crimes.

We have gathered 10 disturbing crime stories that remain unsolved till today.

  1. The Case of Amber Hagerman

In January 1996 a little girl known as Amber was out with her brother for riding her bicycle. That day her brother Ricky came home without Amber. Around four days later, Amber’s dead body was found which was sexually molested as well. Till today no suspects were found.


  1. The Vampire Story of Sweden


A dead body of a 32 year old prostitute was found in Sweden. Her autopsy report revealed that the person who murdered her first drank her blood.

  1. The Case of an Axeman


In May 1918 a couple was murdered brutally in their sleep with an axe. Found failed to found any clues except an axe near the couple’s bed. After the incident, a lot more such cases came to light where people were murdered in a similar fashion.

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