Top 5 Extra Gigantic Bodybuilders Who Are Bigger Than Ronnie Coleman!

Ronnie Coleman is a famous figure in the bodybuilding world who won the Mr. Olympia title for 8 consecutive years. He won the title from 1998 to 2005. Indeed there are very few bodybuilders like Ronnie but today we are going to shed light on some bodybuilders who are far bigger in size than Ronnie Coleman.

1.Gunter Schlierkamp also known as ‘The Gentle Giant’ is taller than Coleman. He is 6.1

He started his career in bodybuilding after moving to United States of America in             1996.

Gunter’s weight in the contest was 325 lbs which was quite heavier as compared   to Coleman.

Gunter also beat the 8th time Mr. Olympia in 2002.

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