Turns Out Fairy Tales Don’t Have Happy Endings As Well There 10 Incidents That You Were Lied To By Disney

People see fairy tales and start dreaming but some of them are not exactly what you are shown

Here are 10 true endings of fairy tales that will ruin childhood

Snow White

Everyone knows that the queen asked for Snow White’s heart and that is somewhat true but in the original version the queen asked for her liver and lungs to be served as dinner. Moreover she didn’t wake up from the prince’s kiss but after she was jostled by a horse.

The little mermaid

In this classical animated fairytale Ariel becomes a human and finally marry her true love Eric but the true ending has 2 versions. In the first the prince marries someone else and the mermaid was given a knife to kill the prince but she refused and died. In the other version she was about to become the daughter of the air.

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