Twin Receive Post Cards From The Queen As They Celebrate Their 100th Birthday.

Being a twin is always special, people adore you and ask questions from you and you reach a special level when you celebrate your 100th birthday together

Phyllis Jones is the older sister (on the left) and Irene Crump is the younger sister (on the right) and obviously are minutes apart. Born on the 20th of November in 1996 both of them were 25 minutes apart and they have been together since, they went to the same school, worked at the same company and now live in the same house

They are non-identical twins and have different nature. Rene is calm and collective and always has been. Phil on the other hand is restless and joyful and hasn’t lost this touch even after touching 100 years of age

Living long seems to run in the family. Their spouses passed away when they turned 90 and their elder sister passed away after turning 92 in 2006

Phyllis’s son says “Despite their venerable age, his mother and aunt are not dependent on other people and do not require constant care”. But still him and his wife visit every day.

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