Twin Toddlers Went For A Midnight Wrestling Party!

Nanny cams have become more than a necessity for parents in this age and time. When parents aren’t around to take care of their children. These nanny cams capture it all what their little kids had been up to.

A lot of videos from these nanny cams have gone viral in recent times. Recently this one nanny cam video of two twin toddlers who went for an impromptu wrestling party in the middle of the night went viral on social media.

Everything was fine until one little toddler managed to get out of his crib. His twin brother also followed him and become his partner in crime.

Then the twin toddlers can be seen creating havoc in the room. At one point they can be seen casually sitting on the sofa and talking to each other.

The wrestling party continued for some time until daddy came for the rescue. Daddy managed to put both the twin toddlers in their cribs but they again managed to escape.

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