Twins Separated After Adoption, Met After A Year And Their Reaction Is Priceless

 We some time curse our siblings and fight but no matter how much we fight, we feel lucky to have siblings. So how would you feel that if I told you that you have a twin sibling that you were separated with after different families adopted both of you?

So when two identical twins met after along long time they were stunned and in tears. Audrey and Gracie grew up miles apart as they were adopted by different families

Both of the families had no clue that their daughters have a twin sister. One day Jennifer Audery’s mom was looking for a perfect gift and thought that a copy of the newspaper that helped them adopt her would be good and she noticed that there is another girl in the picture.

The discovery

She told ABC:

“As soon as I had the picture, I was desperate to find out… who that other child was”

Social media helped a lot

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