Use These Life Hacks and Save A Lot of Your Hard Earned Money!

Use These Life Hacks and Save A Lot of Your Hard Earned Money!×158.png

Once we grow up then we realize the utmost importance of money. There are so many daily use items that get out of order way too quickly and we opt for either repair or purchasing them again.

Today we’ll tell you some life hacks that will save your money. Don’t forget to thank us later.

1.Buy prescription drugs from membership warehouses because these medicines are government regulated so for them you don’t actually need membership. Plus you’ll get medicines at a very cheap rate.

2.Save your money by drying your clothes outside on a clothesline.

3.Use a cheaper cleaning liquid for cleaning up Swiffer WetJets. Also use dryer sheets rather than using pads.


4.Use rebating apps that can give you rebates while shopping. The use is simple and all you have to do is scan your grocery receipt on the app.

5.Save yourself from toilet leakage by pouring a packet of grape Kool-Aid. If the water in the toilet rank turns purple after an hour, it means your toilet is leaking.

6.Use a basket instead of the cart that you get in grocery stores. Research says that when a person uses a cart, he or she purchases more than it is required.

7.Close the zippers of all the clothes while putting them in the washer. Open zippers can tear other delicate clothes in the washing machine.

8.Invest in gift cards and save a lot of your hard earned money.

9.The store brands at grocery shops are usually 25 percent cheaper than the regular brands.×197.png


  1. You also can use an empty soda can tab for hanging pictures and clothes.×297.png


  1. Use a banana to wipe off any residue on a CD or DVD rather than opting for an expensive cleaner.×300.png


  1. Reduce your food expense by drinking more water. You’ll stay slim as well.×200.jpg


  1. Less black ink in your printer? Don’t worry, change the color of the black text to blue and it will let you print a few more copies.×264.png


  1. Another smart tip for saving up cost on printing is to use Garamond font. This font requires less ink. Hence it can save your money.×193.png


  1. Start putting ‘change money’ like coins etc. into a jar and by the end of the year, you can save some extra money.×200.jpg



  1. Clean your dryer vent each time after use. A clogged dryer uses more energy.


  1. If you have lots of coworkers or class fellows who drive to work, so then you can save a lot of your money by starting a carpool.×200.jpg


  1. Make a habit to turn off all the lights when they are not in use.×169.jpg


  1. Save your money by shopping at thrift shops.×245.png


  1. Avoid going out much and save money.×198.jpg


  1. Order water instead of soda and your restaurant bill will be less costly.×169.png


  1. Try borrowing books from library instead of purchasing them.×200.jpg


  1. Don’t use your credit card much. It has been observed people spend much more when they have a credit card in their pocket.×200.jpg


  1. Avoid buying lunch from your office cafeteria and bring the leftover food from the night before to your office.


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