Use These Tips To Look Classy In Every Photo!

It is true not each one of us is as photogenic as a model from Victoria’s Secrets but it is also true that we can still manage to look our best in each picture. Recently Samantha Simmonds from Sky News shared some amazing tips on how to pose in pictures. The results are amazing to say the least.

1.Each one of us has a better side, either right or left. Mariah Carey also refuses to show her other side of face when it comes to photoshoots. Of course she has her fair share of flaws, but the woman knows what’s working for her. So you should do the same. Find your best side!

2.Celebrities with the likes of Angelina Jolie, Drew Barrymore and Sharon Stone have mastered the art of ‘squinting’ over the years. This technique makes you look badass, super confident or as if you are really interested in something.

3.Big smiles have the potential to destroy your headshots. Pictures with big smiles also look forced and made-up. The key is to smile lightly to get a softer look in pictures.

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