Want To Look Stay Young Forever? Then Sleep Well. This Experiment Proves That It Is True!

Want to look stay young forever? Then Sleep Well. This Experiment proves that it is true!

Well it has never been a secret that proper sleep is highly essential for good health. Although a lot of people don’t take it seriously and think that they can get away with as less as 5-6 hours of sleep per day. A new experiment done by a woman reaffirms our beliefs that proper sleep is indeed a must and shouldn’t be ignored at any cost.

The Eye Opener Experiment.

A woman from UK known as Sarah Chalmers who is 46 years old recently became a part of a sleep deprivation experiment. The purpose of the research was to highlight the side effects of sleep deprivation.

Sarah Chalmers after six hours of sleep.

In the first part of the experiment. Chalmers was advised to sleep for less hours. The results were shocking to say the least. Sarah said she looked older than her actual age. ’I looked much older than my 46 years. My eyes had dark rings underneath, and my skin was lackluster, with pores so enlarged I could see them from a distance. To top it all off, a couple of spots were beginning to develop on my chin. I tired quickly and was very irritable. I hated seeing my reflection,’ said the 46 year old woman.

In the first part of the experiment Sarah slept for as less as four hours a night. She added that she didn’t felt if she had any sleep. She further added, ‘By 3 in the afternoon every day I had a strange feeling, like a hangover,’ she said.

In the second phase of the sleep deprivation experiment, Ms. Chalmers slept for around five and a half hours. She said in this period she would get tired easily and would opt for sweet things to eat.

Sarah Chalmers after eight hours of sleep.

The final stage of the experiment required Sarah to sleep as much as 8 hours a night and the results were amazing. Within the short span of a week, Sarah’s skin started to look radiant again. In fact she started to look 10 years younger than her actual age.

Source: brightside

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