We’ll Tell You Why These Pictures Of A Surgeon Sleeping On The Hospital Ground Got Viral!

Indeed medicine is not an easy field. Doctors, surgeons and nurses are no less than magicians or gods

It is that one profession where the professionals from the field of medicine have the responsibility of other’s lives over their shoulders.

Recently the entire world saw the pictures of a surgeon sleeping on the hospital ground while still wearing his uniform complete with mask and cap. The minute the pictures landed up on the social media website Weibo, the images got viral all around the world.

Well the reason that the surgeon is sleeping on the ground is because he had a continuous 28 hour shift and after that he was too tired to go home so he just decided to sleep on the ground of the hospital.

The pictures are of a Chinese surgeon named Luo Heng and they were captured at a hospital from the Dingyuan County, Anhui province in China.

The internet users had a lot to say about the surgeon. While many complimented the surgeon’s passion and loyalty to his job so people also wondered that why these doctors aren’t given proper rest.

Source : elitereaders

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