We’ll Tell You Where Are Your Famous Memes People Now!

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration at all to state that internet memes have become a part of our lives. We now can’t spend a single day without them. Plus, each year we get new memes.

Today we have compiled a list of people who become internet memes. We’ll tell you where they are now and what they are up to.

1. ‘The First World Problems Girl’ became a viral internet meme for anything related to frustrations and complaints of privileged individuals. The picture was actually a stock photo of a woman crying.

The woman behind the meme is a model and actress from Italy, Silvia Bottini. She now lives in Los Angeles. Her career has continued to thrive. She acknowledges her viral fame on her Twitter page writing “accidentally a first world problem meme: definitely a heroine!”

2. This picture of ‘Scumbag Steve’ became a popular meme featuring a guy wearing a sideways cap. This picture had been used for anything related to unethical or rude behavior.

The picture of Blake Boston was taken by his mother and uploaded first on Myspace. The picture received an insane amount of attention and became viral. Since then Boston has embraced his the fame of his meme and has used it for his rapping career.

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