What Happens to Your Body When You Haven’t Drunk Alcohol for 28 Days

Over time, we’ve heard a lot on the benefits and risk of alcohol consumption. A recent study revealed that an average income earner who is not addicted to alcohol consumes about 9.5 liters of alcohol per year. They probably take a glass of alcohol to reduce stress, before bedtime or when they are with friends. And this is not a regular act; they just do it once in a while. Could these people give up on alcohol totally? What will be its effect is they quit drinking for 28 days?

Several Volunteers were made the experiment possible as Threezly was interested in this research. They want to know what sort of change will occur in their health and appearance after 28 days. The experiment proved that there was a change in their health and appearance. Here is the result

Increase in appetite and craving for sugar.

People who drink alcohol eat more food even before quitting alcohol consumption, and when they quit drinking, they always want to their hands busy, so they eat way more and drink juice in replacement of alcohol which makes their craving for sweet things increase. People who drink alcohol usually experience a decrease in blood sugar level as a result of some sweet kind of alcohol they take. 

Although some people experience a decrease in blood sugar level, which is dangerous for people with diabetes, volunteers experience a headache which was caused by low quality of sleep especially by those who drink before going to bed. This affects the liver and could cause high blood pressure. Pain might increase because they don’t take alcohol that serves as painkiller sometimes. These are the experience in the first week.

Improved sleep, urinary system, and cavity

There are a lot of obvious changes this week. The urinary system begins to function properly, and the dark circles under the eyes and facial swelling disappears, sleep circle becomes normal and sound the  tooth enamel becomes stronger and there is a lower risk of having cavities, because there is now an increase in the production of saliva unlike it used to be during alcohol consumption.

Yes, alcohol kills pain, but it also kills taste receptors and sense of smell. So over time, the ability to smell and taste recovers.

At this stage, the liver begins to recover. This recovery might be slow as it is dependent on the person’s quantity if alcohol consumption. The body also experiences a change in skin color and disappearance of wrinkles as blood circulation becomes easier which improves oxygen flow around the body. Digestion begins to improve as there is now a decreases the production of gastric acid. In other words, the stomach “eats” itself slowly. By the way, this is the reason why people eat more when they drink alcohol. One challenge that alcohol quitters face in this second stage is that their desire to sit with their alcohol friends being to rise which could tempt them into drinking again.

Drinking reduces the production of saliva, which affects the condition of the teeth. Therefore, if you do not drink alcohol, you have less risk of decay and your tooth enamel becomes stronger. Alcohol not only kills pain, but also taste buds and smell. Over time, the ability to smell and taste is restored.

Lower risk of cardiovascular diseases

Here the body loses alcohol beverages weight of about 6-8 lbs, the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases drops dramatically. No more high blood pressure and hypertension. The skin becomes much lighter and cleaner because of the water balance in the body that has been normalized and so does the blood circulation. Confidence is restored at this stage, and the brain works productively. Millions of brain cells die because of lack of oxygen, but the reverse is the case now.


This is the picture of what you stand to gain when you quit alcohol in the first 28 days do you want to experience this change and even more after 28 days. Take the bold decision no.

Preview photo credit Ateepeemadeofpeepee / reddit

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