What To Do In These Emergency Situations? Don’t Worry We’ll Tell You!

Today we’re going to tell you some tips which you should definitely know. These tips can be a real life saver. Hence today we will going to tell you what to do in these emergency and crisis situations.

1. If you ever fall into ice. Remember first thing you will have to do is.

Do not take off any your clothes, your clothes will help you to float. Then try to get out of water in the same way you got in the first place.

Put your arms directly onto the hard ice. Then spread out your torso and put all your weight on your elbows and the palms of your hands.

Once you have got yourself out of the ice water, lie in a spread-eagled way over the ice. Then crawl, or even roll in order to reach to the shore and off the ice. Immediately go to a warm place.

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