Wife Dies In A Strange Way Then The Husband Hears Her Voice From The Grave!

Neysi Perez from La Entrada, western Honduras fell unconscious when she went to use the outdoor toilet outside of her cabin.

Her parents thought that an evil spirit had possessed her because her mouth was foaming when they found her.

When she was taken to the hospital, doctors revealed that she was dead. The young girl was also pregnant at the time of her death and once the doctors announced that she was no more, the family decided to bury her at the La Entrada General Cemetery.

Next day when Perez’s husband went to see her grave, he heard her voice coming from her grave.

Rudy Gonzalez, wife of Perez then decided to dig the grave after informing the authorities. Another grave digger said that he heard a female’s voice coming out from the grave.

When she was taken out of the grave, her family decided to take her to the nearby hospital where they doctors revealed that she is dead.

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