Woman Worked Two Jobs To Support Her Child’s Birth, But Her Boss Surprised Her So She Didn’t Have To

People find it hard to find some that will help them in their time of need and above that if you want to find a boss that does that for you then my friend you are a lucky person because that rarely happens. It’s not because they are hard hearted it’s just that they have a ship to sail.

Tami is a pregnant lady who was surprised by her boss’s nice gesture. When he decide to pay her 6 months of her salary upfront so she wouldn’t have to work 2 jobs to support her coming baby. She worked as a store manager in his store and a bartender in the evening but not after such a beautiful gesture. She was also promoted to a higher position by her boss and will take control of that position after she comes back from her leave. A true hero and a very nice human being.

These kind of people give us hope about humanity and gives people an example to live by. A true LEGEND.

Watch the video here

 Source : elitereaders

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