Woman’s Garlic Peeling Hack Goes Viral And People Regret Having Wasted Their Time Doing It The Wrong Way

This genius trick, uploaded as video by Twitter user Valentina Pestilene, has blown the collective mind of the Internet with its exasperatingly obvious technique (in retrospect). A knife is inserted gently into the bulb, and a single twist is enough to separate and remove the nail from the skin. “As someone who makes a lot of Korean food, this is the best method to peel garlic!” He wrote in a caption below the video.

The reactions of the people, from the celebrities to the chefs, joined in wonder at the beauty of all this. Expect sales of garlic (more chicle and perfume) to increase in the coming weeks, as one of the great dilemmas of the kitchen finally resolved, and now you can realize the true potential of this wonderful herb!

Image credits: PNW_Rebel

Image credits: MasterBismuth

Image credits: RebeccaCNReid


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