This Is How The World Will Look Like Once All The Ice Is Melted!

Global warming is a reality. It’s been long that scientists and researchers have informed us about the severe effects of global warming on earth but still a lot of people and organizations haven’t taken it seriously.

Global warming can have severe climate changes, flooding and rising temperatures all across the world.

Way back in 2013, National Geographical Channel revealed that which areas of the world may get affected the most. So today we just decided to shed light on the information NGC shared with us.

Europe’s London and Venice may not survive in the coming years because of the melting of the ice.

Florida may not survive too.

There will be more desert lands in Australia.

Buenos Aires, Uruguay and other areas like Paraguay might not remain habitable.

Africa’s temperature will rise dramatically. People there may not survive the extreme hot temperature.

Asia will suffer in a huge way because of extreme flooding.

This is how Antarctica will look like once all the ice have melted

Business Insider also agreed with the predictions given by Nat Geo and released a highly informative video on global warming.

Source : elitereaders

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