Worst Parenting Incident Ever You Won’t Believe What This Father Dared His Little Son To Do!

Parenting is no easy job. It comes up with a serious responsibility but seems like these parents had no responsibility of their children over their heads. It all seemed like they had no idea how they become parents in the first place.

A farmer known as Scott Clark from Valdosta, Georgia recently dared his little son of 4-5 years of age to go climb on the back of a bull and if he successfully did it, he will win $20.

The irresponsible father also captured the whole thing on camera. In the video he can be heard saying “He’s trying to sneak up on that steer over there and jump on its back,” Clark explains as Asher approaches the unsuspecting animal. “I told him I’d give him $20.”

Throughout the video, both the parents can easily be heard enjoying the whole episode. The only person in the video who seems worried is their daughter Emily who said, “That’s not safe!”

Although Emily’s words didn’t have any effect on her parents and her little brother. Asher then jumped right on to the back of the bull. The cattle didn’t seem to like it and moved quickly which send the little Asher flying off of its back.

When little Asher fell hard on the ground, it was then the parents sounded concerned for their little son. Thankfully, Asher was fine and didn’t get any injuries. The father also posted a picture on Facebook of his son holding the $20 bill proudly in his hands.

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