Worst Parenting Incident Ever You Won’t Believe What This Father Dared His Little Son To Do!

Scott Clark posted the video on his Facebook and wrote in the caption, “Asher snuck up on a 1,300 lb steer and jumped on his back!! I only wish I had videoed the last 3 seconds, he hung on for a few more seconds!! Just so everyone knows, this is his pet steer he hand feeds every day. And Asher is perfectly fine… And he says he a tough ole cowboy!!!”

The video went viral within minutes and so far it has received over 7 million views and the numbers are increasing by every passing hour. Scott has received criticism from most of the viewers who said that it was pointless to send his own son’s life in danger.

Watch the video below where it is visible that the little boy could have been injured severely. Thankfully he is safe but it is indeed a case of irresponsible parenting.

Sorce : providr

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