Yes. Instagram Killed A 13 Year Old

Yes. You read that right. Instagram became deadly some days ago as a 13 year old accidentally killed himself live on Instagram.

Malachi Hemphill, who was 13 year old from Georgia was playing with a real gun while streaming live on Instagram when he accidentally shot himself. The grieving mother of the young kid, Shaniqua Stephens said that minutes ago she was his son taking out the trash and she couldn’t believe that it all happened within few minutes.

The mother also added that they heard a loud gunshot from Malachi’s room and that was when she knew that something was terribly wrong. The mother also reveals that they entered in his room and found his 13 year old son lying on the floor in a pool of blood.

Stephens further revealed that when she and her daughter saw Malachi lying on the floor, her daughter screamed and told her to turn off his cellphone and that was when the mother saw that he was live on Instagram.

Moments later, over 40 to 50 people gathered outside their home who saw the tragic incident live on Instagram.

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