You Don’t Have To Sleep Outside The House Because You Lost Your Keys Ever Again! Lock Hack Is Finally Here!

Well it’s never tool to rob someone or breaking someone’s house but sometimes you lose your own keys and fail to get into your own house and many would say that this hasn’t happened to them but well it has and we have a solution for the next time it happens

In a video famous youtuber MrGearhas demonstrated that how can we open a lock only 2 nut wrenches. Most people have one of these around the house and can buy the other one from a local hardware store.

Place the two wrenches on either side of the metal loop and push in opposite direction. You don’t have to be a body builder for this to work as a small amount of force will do and by the time you know it the loop will pop open

This is a very useful trick as losing a key is not the hardest thing to do in the world or one can also forget the combination of the lock. So watch this video and thank us later

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