You Won’t Believe but Google Maps Caught These Crimes

5.A British family returned home and found their caravan had been stolen from their driveway. The son decided to find their home on Google Maps Street view.

They found an image of a man in their driveway minutes before the robbery. The police circulated the image and the thief was arrested eventually.

6.Google Earth’s satellite imagery helped Florida cops found a man who illegally dumped a 5 meter boat in a vacant lot.

Aerial images were used by the authorities to find the boat before the crime and then they send the boat to its real owners.


7.Google Maps Street View option also exposed a large number of sex workers.

Approximately 5,000 sex workers have been exposed by Google Maps so far either waiting near bus stops or dealing with men at the driver’s window.

8.Filipino police discovered that the aerial views of Google Earth gave an easy way to find illegal logging of rain forests.

The decided to track the illegal logging and found seizure of $5,600 of timber and also arrested 12 people who were involved in the crime.

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