You Won’t Believe These 5 Scary Things Were Discovered Frozen In Ice

People who are used to extreme snowy winters are habitual of finding strange items in the melted snow once the spring weather arrives. Usually these items are dog poop, keys, jewelry items etc. Today we have collected stories related 5 such strange items which were discovered frozen in ice.

1. At the time of the World War I, there was a wine warfare which happened in the Dolomites Mountain in the northeastern Italy.

A lot of people lost their lives due to the warfare. Although some deaths reason was different. On a Friday of December 13, 1916 an avalanche killed over 10,000 soldiers.

The interesting thing is that the remains of those soldiers can still be found today when the temperature of earth heats up. In 2012, two perfectly preserved bodies of two teenage soldiers were discovered from the ice.

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