You Won’t Believe We Have Been Doing These Things Wrong

We daily do a lot of things in our life which are very common and mundane but unfortunately no one ever taught us how to do these things right or what is the actual way of doing these things.

Today we have decided to tell you about all such things that we have been doing wrong all our lives.

  1. We have been drinking coke in a wrong way

Apparently we have been drinking coke wrong all our lives. The correct way is to put the straw through the hole and it will prevent your coke from leaking.

  1. Making a Fried Egg is way easier.

Making a perfect round friend egg is a lot easier than we think. Plus, we don’t even need any appliances for it. The correct way is to cut a ring shape slice from an onion and place it on the fry pan.

  1. Nobody even taught us how to join wires properly.

Usually wires get all tangled up in our homes. The correct way to join wires is to make a tiny knot at the point where the wires are connecting.

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