You Won’t Believe What This 10 Year Old Boy Invented!

A 10 year old boy’s amazing invention has left everyone amazed. According to the little boy, a death of a baby in his neighborhood inspired him to come up with this invention.

A 10 year old boy known as Bishop Curry V from McKinney Texas designed and invented a little device that has the potential of saving the lives of children left in hot cars.

The little device is known as ‘Oasis’ came into existence after Curry witnessed the death of a baby in a minivan in his neighborhood. has revealed that around 37 children die every year when they are mistakenly left in cars which quickly get overheated.

The device can be attached to the top of a car seat. A sensor in the device enables to detect if a child was left inside the car and would release cool air onto the child until someone comes for the rescue.

The device isn’t completed yet and Curry is still in the midst of designing it.

The 10 year old says that it is his dream to come up with more such devices that could save the lives of millions of people.

Well if a 10 year old can come up with such a device; that means we definitely need to up our game.

Currently the 10 year old is trying to raise money online to further complete his device.

Source: aplus

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