You Won’t Believe What This 22 Year Old Nanny Did To Save A Toddler’s Life

22 year old Kiersten Miles has been working as a nanny for Talia Rosko, a 16 month toddler for just three weeks, but the minute the young nanny found out that the cute little Rosko is suffering from a rare liver disease which could eventually take her life. The young nanny took a big decision, a kind of decision that nobody had expected.

Kiersten Miles, the 22 year old nanny decided to donate a part of her liver to save the toddler’s life.

The brave young nanny said to The Washington Post, “It didn’t seem like that much of a sacrifice because I’d be saving a life”.

Miles added that everyone in her family has been very supportive of her decision and they are nothing but extremely proud of how strong and charitable she is.

The young nanny first discussed it with her family and then approached the Roskos family with the offer to donate part of her liver.

After some initial testing, it was revealed that Miles is a good match for the 16 months old toddler.

Surgeons removed part of Kiersten’s liver to implant it in Talia’s body.

The surgery was a success and the Rosko family had nothing but kind words for the young nanny. Now both Miles and Talia are recovering from the surgery and on their way for betterment.

The young nanny wrote a highly motivational post regarding the whole chapter. Indeed Miles’s story of courage, bravery and sympathy has made us all realized the importance of sharing and caring.

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