You Won’t Believe What This Dad Did When He Came To Know His Kid Was the Famous School Bully!

Bullying is a serious offence which can have long term repercussions on the mind of a person. Every parent hope and make sure that their kid isn’t getting bulled in school but when you realize that it is your own kid who is bullying others in school, that is when parents should take a serious action against it. And that’s exactly what this dad this when he was informed that it’s his own kid who is the famous bully at school.

Timothy Robernhorst, the father of the kid, Kayden who was bullying other kids at his school decided to punish his son in order to make him more responsible and disciplined.

The punishment include Kayden to wake up as early as 4.30 am in the morning then he is supposed to do 50 push-ups on his fists, incline push-ups, a mile run and also help his father in landscaping at two houses. The punishment doesn’t end here, it also included posting a picture of Kayden on Facebook which reads that he will apologize publicly to his class fellow. The photo also had details of other chores related to his punishment. Kayden also had to use that photo as his Display Picture on Facebook.

The picture has been shared thousands of times so far on the social networking website. Other parents have nothing but kind words to share for Timothy Robernhorst, father of Kayden.

Kayden also realized that he was at fault. He said to Daily Mail, ““It was stupid of me—I saw a kid and said a stupid, random comment,” Kayden told Daily Mail. “I think it’s a really good punishment—I learned my lesson and he’s a good dad for doing it.”

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