You Won’t Believe What This Model Did To Get A Perfect Shot.

Since the inception of front facing cameras, selfies became a part of our lives. The selfie craze took such a serious turn, that even Oxford Dictionary officially included the word ‘selfie’ in 2013.

This one Instagram model took things to the next level and did something that most of us would refrain from.

Famous Instagram sensation, Viki Odintcova’s pictures are quite famous on internet for various reasons, but this time the model went an extra mile with her obsession and almost risked her life to get the desired shot.

The Russian model was in Dubai recently for a photoshoot. After the shoot, she got the idea to climb one famous skyscraper of Dubai.

The model decided to climb one of the peaks of the famous Cayan Tower of Dubai with an assistant for a perfect selfie.

Viki scaled the tower with a friend by her side to assist her. Once she reached one of the peaks of the tower, gripped by her assistant’s one hand and leaning on her back, she clicked the selfie which could have almost killed her. Thankfully, the selfie shot was captured without any accident or mishap and both the model and her assistant are safe.

The picture went viral the minute it landed on her Instagram account where she is almost flying in air and has her friend’s hand only for the support.

Well as must as she tried hard for that one perfect selfie, most of her 3 million followers of Instagram aren’t happy.

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