You Won’t Believe What This Runner Did When She Was Refused To Take Her Victory Lap Run!

Anyone who has seen any sports game would agree that winners have their own way of celebrating their victory. Soccer plays usually have been seen to take off their shirts when their team wins. Similarly, when runners win the race they take a victory lap run.

But when Laura Muir won the European Indoor Athletics Championship, she was refused her victory lap run.

After winning the 1,500 meter finals Laura wanted to celebrate her victory in the usual signature manner with the British flag draped all over her shoulders, but she was denied to do that not once but thrice.

The runner ups of the race who were from Poland and Germany had their flags on their shoulders but Laura wasn’t given one.

When Laura went to look around for her flag, an official rushes up to her to tell her that they are behind the schedule and can’t let her do her victory lap run.

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